Relationships: Do Some People Shut Down Emotionally After A Breakup?

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There are a number of things that may cause someone to experience incredible pain, and a breakup is just one of those things. When someone encounters a break up, it may feel as though their whole has come to end.
It won’t matter if they had been with the other individual for matter of months or years, as the pain may wipe them out.
Knocked Down
But even if they didn’t feel this way, how they feel is still likely to be radically different. One could then have a physically strong body, a body that’s covered in muscle, but it won’t have an impact on how they feel.
On the outside, then, they will seem powerful, yet they’ll feel incredibly weak on the inside. If they don’t have a body such as this, they could still feel much weaker than they really look.
A Loss of Control
Before this time, they might have been fairly balanced, and they might have also found it fairly easy to handle their emotions when this was not the case. Now, their emotions are going to be out of control, and it could be more or less impossible for them to settle down their feelings.
In actuality, it might feel as though they are now all at sea and there is very little they can do about it. One of their greatest needs can be to do anything they can to regain control over their inner world.
1 Option
It will then be perfectly clear that they’re not likely to have the need to hide how they feel; they will comfortable with being exposed.
The strength that they are currently lacking internally will be provided by the people in their life. In the exact same manner that scaffolding will hold an unstable building; these individuals will hold up their shaky inner world.
Two Ways
As these people have the ability to be there for them in this way, it will most likely to show that these folks also have a good relationship with their own emotions. They are then not likely to be emotionally disconnected or think there is anything wrong with being emotionally vulnerable.
Instinctively, they may also realise that no one is their own island, and that there’ll be moments in everyone’s life when they need emotional support. Thus, if they weren’t in a good way, they would also reach out to others in precisely the identical way.
The Healthy Approach
When one isn’t in a fantastic manner and they reach out to other people, it is likely to stop them from disconnecting from how they feel. This will allow them to work through the pain they are in.
This might take a month or two or it may take much longer, yet the main issue is they will allow this process to unfold. After a time, they will most likely gradually start to repay, which will give them the chance to find somebody else.
Another Outcome
Alternatively, one could end up using their mind to disconnect from how they feel, and this is very likely to imply that they will seldom come into contact with their pain. Andwhen this pain does come in their conscious awareness, they will do what they can to push it back down into their body.
This may indicate that there isn’t anyone in their life they could open up to, or it could just show they don’t feel comfortable reaching out to others. In any event, this pain will stay trapped within them.
A Divided Being
What this will do is allow them to settle down without needing to work through their emotional pain.
Not only will they lose touch with their’bad’ feelings, but they will also lose touch with their’good’ feelings. They could then come across as somebody who is very flat, and they might even come across as cold.
False Highs
This may mean that they will wind up being drawn to alcohol, drugs, have endless casual encounters and/or they may constantly go abroad.
The down side is that the momentary feeling of aliveness that they get by engaging in such things will probably make it even harder for them to handle their normal state. It’s then easy to see why they might become addicted to these things.
If someone like this was to get in contact with their pain, they may find that they feel too ashamed to reach out to others. Keeping this annoyance to themselves by disconnecting from it, will then happen to be a means for them to secure face.
Taking this into consideration, it’ll be essential for one to accept that there is nothing wrong with reaching out for assistance. And even if a different person does attempt to pity them, it would only show that this person has their own wounds to resolve.
If one can relate to this, and they would like to change their life, they might want the guidance of a therapist or a healer.

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